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Feature Films

 "Can I do this? Something with me said: 'you're the one' " 


As a production company we love what we do, and we go all out.


In 2016, our first produced feature film will be finished. "The 12 Theses" (WT) is a Thriller set in Switzerland, Italy and Spain. We've been shooting in these countries as well as Germany, Czech Republic and France it over 220 people in cast and crew.






In 2017, we start of our second feature, "Dignity"(WT). A thriller about psychological and physical abuse and how it occurs and can be stopped.



2018 we'll kick of an action film, "Rabidus" (WT) set all across Europe. It is a surrealistic Thriller which shows, what if ... Insanity combined with an awkward point of view on justice.














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